The Community Board Project

Building partnerships with local community groups and projects is an important part of our mission at Q Gardens. Accordingly, in 2019 in collaboration with the local project Building Blocks led by Design for Agency, garden friends created a physical space to advance these partnerships: a honeycomb tree guard that features a community board sign in English, Haitian Kreyole, and Spanish. IMG_0941

Every few months, the sign will showcase the work of a local group that is addressing social and/or environmental issues in our neighborhoods. And, Q Gardens and the featured group will pool resources for a community event or action.

We look forward to learning more about the work people are doing in the area to build and support community. For more information about our project or to suggest a partnership, please write to QGCBoard[at]

Local Groups Featured on the QG Community Board

July 2019Neighbors in Action. Originating in Crown Heights and now expanded into Central Brooklyn, this group is dedicated to mediation and healing, nonviolence practice aimed at improving intergroup relations, addressing interpersonal disputes, and building the capacity of residents to solve their own problems. Upcoming coming events this summer include free legal aid open hours and support groups for survivors of violence. The organization also has a Neighborhood Services group that offers everything from resume building to tax assistance and help with housing.