Here’s how this works: You fill out our 10-second contact form to get info on multiple ways of doing a short demo on dropping off in the garden. After the training, you receive the garden code and our guide to dropping off your scraps. A little time upfront will yield a lot of flexibility and, hopefully, build compost community at QG.

We do short trainings on how the DIY drop off works every Second Sunday from 1-1:30pm and 1:20 -2pm. You can sign up here. If that isn’t soon enough for you ;), when you sign up on the contact form, you will receive a list of QG DIY compost buddies. Feel free to reach out to anyone on that list to schedule a training at a mutually convenient time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what I can and cannot drop off?

Download our flier Q Gardens Community Food Scrap Drop Off Guidelines and see below.
Please bring:

  • coffee grounds and tea leaves
  • egg shells
  • food-soiled paper towels or napkins (please shred!)
  • fresh (healthy!) leaves, flowers, green plants and garden trimmings
  • bread and grains (nothing with oil!)
  • shredded newspaper, brown paper, cardboard

Please do NOT bring: 

  • meat, chicken, or fish scraps
  • anything with fats, grease or oil
  • cheese or dairy products
  • non-compostable materials such as plastic, metals or glass
  • pesticide-treated plants, grass clippings, deceased or pest-infested plants

Do you take biodegradable bags and compostable dinnerware?

We are now taking biodegradable bags and dinnerware! Although they don’t break down well in our system, our partner Big Reuse is able to process them.

What if I have compostable food that is in ok shape but I know will spoil before I use it?

Consider taking it to a nearby community fridge. Check out these resources from the FlatbushFriendly Fridge.

Can I drop off my scraps anytime, day or night?

In theory, yes. But you enter the garden after dark at your own risk. And if you do, bring a light!

How do I know when the garden may be in use?

You can always check our calendar at qgardens.org to see when events are scheduled. Also, the garden WhatsApp keeps folks abreast of what’s going on day-to-day in the garden.

What happens if the rolling can that I want to add to is overflowing?

You can add your scraps to the brown bin near the entrance. Please immediately notify the garden WhatsApp or write to composcoords4QG@googlegroups.com.

Can I leave my reusable food scrap containers in the garden if I can’t take them with me immediately after dropping off?

You can clean your reusable containers with sawdust from the bags in front of the mural and leave them around the shelves in between sheds #1 and #2 to pick up later; put your name on them if possible!

Can I harvest from the garden beds?

Collective harvesting occurs during growers hour on Tuesdays 6-7:30pm. We ask that you not harvest on your own if you are not part of the QG teams and don’t have knowledge of what is ready to be harvested. 

Can I take finished compost for my individual use?

We don’t always have finished sifted compost; when we do, you can take some from the green rain barrel labeled “Sifted Compost.” Please only take in moderation and, if the barrel is running low, notify the garden WhatsApp or write to composcoords4QG@googlegroups.com.

Can I stay in the garden as long as I like?

Yes! You are welcome to sit and enjoy the garden for as long as you like.

Can I volunteer for QG compost? Yes –we love volunteers (we’re all volunteers;))! Just go to our volunteering page and sign up for the compost team and any other area you like.