Please note:We take food scraps all year around during our regular compost open hours as well as through our weekend sidewalk food scrap drop off. See schedule below.

When can I drop off my food scraps? We hold community composting hours on the weekend and also host a weekend sidewalk food scrap drop off.

  • Compost Open Hours: Saturdays: 10:30am – 12:30pm & Sundays: 2-4 pm. Come chop with us! Please note: Face coverings and social distancing in the garden are a must and we are limited to 7 people in the garden at one time. But we look forward to seeing you!
  • Note the Sidewalk Food Scrap Drop Off has been temporarily removed due to an unforeseen circumstance.

What materials can I drop off? Download our flier Q Gardens Community Food Scrap Drop Off Guidelines_final_Jan 2020 and see below.
Please bring:
●     fruit and vegetable scraps
●     coffee grounds and tea leaves
●     egg shells
●     food-soiled paper towels or napkins (please shred!)
●     fresh leaves, flowers, green plants and garden trimmings
●     bread and grains (nothing with oil!)
●     shredded newspaper or brown paper

Please do NOT bring:
●    meat, chicken, or fish scraps
●    anything with fats, grease or oil
●    cheese or dairy products
●    non-compostable materials such as plastic, metals or glass
●    pesticide-treated plants, grass clippings, deceased or pest-infested plants

NOTE: In addition, we do not take compostable bags (they don’t break down in our system).

At home you can save your food scraps in the refrigerator or freezer; freezing will kill any food flies and bugs often found on the skin or shell of most fruits and vegetables, and the added moisture helps in the compost decomposition process. Carrying your food scraps in a reusable (and rinsable) container means no yucky plastic bag to get rid of.

How can I become a Q Gardens Compost Volunteer? We would love for you to join us! Send us an email at nataliajsucre[at] to be added to the composting team roster.

Can I get finished compost from Q Gardens? Compost in moderate amounts for individual use is free! You can pick it up anytime during garden open hours (see calendar). If you plan to stop by for a small amount (one bucker or two or less), write to to make sure it will be available.

When available, we offer compost in bulk amounts and suggest a donation of 50 cents a pound for those who are able to afford it (negotiable on a case-by-case basis). Thanks in advance! Donations from bulk compost are one of the ways Q Gardens sustains its operations. Fill out this form to request compost in bulk.