Q Gardens launched its composting system on April 11, 2015! Please drop off your kitchen scraps and other compostable materials  during these hours:

  • Wednesdays  6:30 – 8:30pm (April 20 – Oct. 28th only)
  • Saturdays  12 – 2pm
  • Sundays  2 – 4pm

Interested in becoming a Q Gardens Compost Volunteer? We would love for you to join us! Sign up directly to host compost drop off hours with an experienced volunteer here: or send us an email at nataliajsucre[at] to be added to the composting team roster.

What materials can I drop off?
Please bring:
●     fruit and vegetable scraps
●     coffee grounds and tea bags
●     egg shells
●     food-soiled paper towels or napkins
●     fresh leaves, flowers, green plants and garden trimmings
●     bread and grains (nothing with oil!)
●     shredded newspaper or brown paper

Please do NOT bring:
●    meat or fish scraps
●    anything with fats, grease or oil
●    cheese or dairy products
●    non-compostable materials such as Plastic, Metals or Glass
●    pesticide-treated plants, grass clippings, deceased or pest-infested plants

At home you can save your food scraps in the refrigerator or freezer; freezing will kill any food flies and bugs often found on the skin or shell of most fruits and vegetables, and the added moisture helps in the compost decomposition process. Carrying your food scraps in a reusable (and rinsable) container means no yucky plastic bag to get rid of.

Other compost drop-off sites in the area include:
Cortelyou Greenmarket (between Argyle and Rugby Rd)
Drop-off times: Sundays, 8am – 1pm

Compost for Brooklyn (Corner of Newkirk Avenue and East 8th Street)
Drop-off times: Please refer to their calendar

Prospect Farm (1194 Prospect Avenue)
Drop-off times: Saturdays, 11am – 12pm

If you are interested in getting involved, please get in touch via our contact page!