**Calling all Flatbush bee-keepers: do you have beekeeping experience and would you like to help Q Gardens set up a beehive? If so, please contact Q Gardens at qgardensinfo[at]gmail.com!**


Q Gardens is managed communally. We share planting and watering responsibilities, and also share in the garden harvest. In addition, Q Gardens has the following teams:

Composting team: Manages the 6-bin composting system at the garden. Team members sign up for 2-hour composting shifts (as many or few as they want) and, during the shift, they help receive food scraps being delivered to the garden by community members, chop the food scraps with shovels, weigh the scraps, add the scraps to the bins (along with dried leaves and/or sawdust), and aerate the full bins by stirring them. (for more info, click on the composting link above).

IMG_7436Watering team:
Watering is required on a daily basis in warmer months and a few times weekly as the weather cools down, in order to keep our garden healthy and lush. Interested in watering but have no experience in a garden? An  educational session may be provided.


IMG_7362Herb team:
Led by Sustainable Flatbush and apprentices of the Sacred Vibes Apothecary, the herb team grows a wide range of medicinal and non-medicinal herbs at the garden and leads a series of community workshops, teaching participants about the practical uses of different herb varieties.

volunteer-page-_-cat-teamCat team:
 Q Gardens is home to a cat colony that is cared for by the cat team, led by Elizabeth Champ. The Cat team’s duties include feeding the cats, providing water, weekly cleaning of the cat shelter area, cleaning out the cat litter boxes, and fundraising for food and medical expenses.

To learn more about the Cat team, please visit the Q Cats website:  qgardencats.wordpress.com


Communications and Outreach team: Helps in the managing of Q Gardens’ website, Facebook page, and Twitter account. Leads community outreach activities.

outreach communityGarden Coordinating team: Works together on day-to-day coordination of Q Gardens, including all workshops and events. Members develop meeting agendas and take turns facilitating garden meetings. To join this team, a person must have been actively involved in the garden in recent months and must have attended at least two Q Gardens meetings.

If you are interested in getting involved, please get in touch via our contact page!