We’ve all seen it – perfectly usable home goods put out on the curb, waiting to be carted off to the landfill. Seeing this waste can be hard to bear, so we are launching a grassroots initiative to build a repository of resources (and inspiration!) for finding a new home for unwanted household goods. 

Resources are organized into four sections:

  1. Brick and mortar options in Brooklyn
  2. Local online options for gifting home goods
  3. Instagram accounts for posting items already out on curb
  4. Online options for selling used home goods

Have a resource we should add? Tell us about it at: q-gardens-coordinators@googlegroups.com

Spread the word to neighbors by posting this flyer in your building!

1. Brick and Mortar Options in Brooklyn

461 Rogers Ave (between Lincoln and Maple).

Locally owned space that accepts home goods, clothes, and interesting objects(!) on Sundays 12-6pm, although no linens or kids toys.

Goodwill Donation Center
258 Livingston St (walking distance from Atlantic Terminal).

Accepts all sorts of home goods and clothing. Check their detailed donation guide here.

Big Reuse
One 12th St (in Gowanus).

Accepts non-upholstered furniture, other home goods, clothing, books, and more. Check their detailed list here.

Salvation Army
Several drop-off locations across Brooklyn.

Accepts furniture, other home goods, appliances, clothing, and more. You may also be able to schedule a free pick-up!

 St Marys Clothing Drive
230 Classon Ave

Offers convenient pick-up service! Accepts clothing, shoes, linens, towels, purses, and sheets.

Ruth’s Refuge
Park Slope

Accepts home furnishings and essentials (including couches and rugs), which are provided to refugees and asylum seekers in NYC. Does not accept clothing. Has relationship with preferred mover, Cool Hand Movers (ask for “Reuse for Refugees initiative” rates).

GROWNYC Stop ‘N’ Swaps
Various locations throughout NYC

Free community events where you can bring clean, reusable, portable items, such as clothing, housewares, games, books, and toys.

Q Gardens Little Free Library
58 E. 18th St. (in Flatbush)

Look for the bright yellow sidewalk library – there’s a continuous movement of books in and out of the library, feel free to both give and take books.

Books Through Bars (at Freebird Books)
123 Columbia St (in Cobble Hill).

Donate books for incarcerated individuals. Check their detailed guidelines here.

2. Online Options for Gifting Home Goods

Buy Nothing Groups
Hyper-local groups where you can post anything you’d like to give away, lend, or share amongst neighbors. There are many active Buy Nothing Facebook groups across NYC (you can only join one based on where you live) – search for “Brooklyn” here to see the full list.

There is also now a “BuyNothing” app that you can download on your smart phone!

Brooklyn FreeCycle
Grassroots, non-profit movement of people who are giving and getting stuff for free in the places where they live.

Crown Heights Share
Dedicated to open sharing of material gifts and gifts of self/service. Those living in Crown Heights and surrounding neighborhoods are welcome to join.

Instagram Accounts for Posting Items Already out on Curb

Stooping Brooklyn
Send photos (along with the street address) of home goods already out on the curb or tag #stoopinginbrooklyn.

Curb Alert NYC
Send photos (along with the street address) of home goods already out on the curb.

4. Online Options for Selling Used Home Goods

Online marketplace for buying and selling furniture and other home goods

Online marketplace to buy/sell anything under the sun. There’s also a free section!

Online marketplace for pre-owned furniture that’s made to last.