Welcome to Q Gardens!

How We Work Together:

Visitors to Q Gardens sometimes ask, “who’s in charge?” The short answer is: we all are, together! Early in Q Gardens’ history, the vision emerged of a garden where all aspects are managed collectively and where we continually invite newcomers in to participate to the extent they want. Our processes developed gradually over many years of figuring out our cooperative relationships to each other and the space. (We didn’t even start writing them down until several years into our journey working together.)

Click here to view a real-time version of our principles and processes.

The way we work together continues to evolve – we hope you’ll join us in co-creating Q Gardens’ next chapter!

Upcoming Open Hours and Events:

Please see our calendar for all upcoming garden open hours and events. And check out our current QG initiatives at QG linktree.

Our Mission:

To steward a formerly unused lot, now a beautiful, productive community garden that provides:

  • A welcoming, public green space that is open at least 10 hours each week
  • A local source of fresh, pesticide-free fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs
  • A space for children and adults to learn about and actively participate in gardening, composting, and sustainability projects
  • A community composting site for diverting food waste from landfills and producing nutrient-rich compost
  • A space for building community, connecting with nature, and hosting arts and cultural events

Want to Get Involved?

Learn how via our volunteering page. Also, check out the Q Gardens Instagram for updates and info about upcoming events!

Want to donate or pay your annual membership fee of $20-25  to Q Gardens? Payments and donations may be made in cash or check to Anne or Natalia, or by sending an electronic payment via CashApp ($QGdonations).