UPDATE: Q Gardens Raising Funds to Provide Proper Care to its Cat Neighbors

March 2015 Update: Thanks to the tireless work of our master cat-trapper, Elizabeth Champ, the WHOLE Q Gardens cat colony has been spayed/neutered and returned to the colony! Thanks to Elizabeth and all of those who donated money, supplies, and other support. We now have a much healthier colony that we expect to coexist very nicely with the recently launched Q Gardens! 🙂

Original Post:

Q Gardens has launched a fundraising campaign to support its cat-related activities!

While a generous neighbor has offered to cover spay and neuter costs, we are accruing additional costs for other medical procedures, such as clearing the cats of parasites, treating infections, etc.

We created a GoFundMe page to reimburse some of the expenses to date and to raise additional money for upcoming expenses as we continue to attempt to catch the entire colony living behind Q Gardens. Please donate if you can, or share the link with your networks. Even a couple of dollars would help if a bunch of people chip in. If we get enough, we’ll also buy the cats some new shelters!


Make sure you scroll down and look at the pictures – the future garden is home to some pretty interesting characters!

After all, it’s important to have a clean and healthy cat colony that won’t keep over-producing, both for the general health of the neighborhood and for the health of the garden specifically.

Midget the cat (the first cat Q Gardens members trapped and got neutered)
Midget the cat (the first cat Q Gardens members trapped, got spayed, and returned to the lot)

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