Join Q Gardens for a Natural Dye Workshop!

Start collecting your light-colored, natural fabric (linen, wool, silk, cotton) garments and scraps! We’re having our very first natural dye workshop.

We’ll be dyeing with marigold from the garden, avocado pits and skins collected from the compost drop-offs, indigo, and some fresh garden greenery! Bandanas/handkerchiefs will be available to purchase (or subsidized) for those who would like to participate but don’t have anything to bring from home. 

If you are bringing a garment or fabric from home, please make sure that it is 100% cotton, silk, wool, linen, or another natural fiber (but those listed are best). Before you head to the workshop, presoak your fabric in 1 part white vinegar to 4 parts cool water for at least one hour.

We’ll have some materials for shibori resist patterns, but if you know you want a patterned dyed garment, feel free to bring your own materials.

This is going to be a kid friendly, very casual, drop-in style workshop. We’re providing most of the equipment and the space, and welcome any and all participation from garden members.

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